Sunglasses: opt for the right pair!

Sunglasses: opt for the right pair!

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The eyes of your child are more fragile than yours, they let pass 75% of the UV rays (10% for the adults). Do not miss out on a pair of quality sunglasses.

A suitable mount

  • At each age his sunglasses, because the face of the child changes and the edge of his nose is not definitively formed.

The right material

  • If your child is under 3 years old, the best is to opt for a pair of glasses with unbreakable, lightweight glasses. For the frame too, the ideal is a soft plastic material. Comfort assured.

The best protection

  • Good kids sunglasses have polycarbonate lenses which guarantee total protection against UV rays. And are not necessarily tinted! Indeed, beware of fancy glasses that are not protective. For more efficiency, also think of glasses with shells on the sides.

CE marking

  • Obligatoryit means that the product complies with the safety requirements. Check his presence on the glasses. There are 4 categories of protection. Only categories 3 or 4 must be used in case of strong sunlight (sea, mountain).

Council +

• To maintain your glasses and to move freely, an adjustment band is recommended.

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Eyes and sun: our file.

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