Infant milk: when should it change?

Infant milk: when should it change?

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Because the milk given to the maternity does not suit you or because your baby does not seem to tolerate his bottles, you are tempted to change his milk. But are you well aware of the rules to respect for his health? 10-step verification.

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The milk donated by motherhood is not the one I had planned for my baby, I can change when I get home

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In the maternity hospitals, "milk towers" are set up between the brands so that the establishments do not always give the same milk. If the one you gave your baby does not suit you, for reasons of cost or because you were used to another milk for your elder, nothing forbids you to change, but always inform your pediatrician, even at the first post-natal visit: "I see too many parents who have already changed milk twice when their baby does not even have 1 month because no one seems to be suitable, it is necessary If you are lost, ask a pediatrician for advice, "advises Arnault Pfersdorff, pediatrician. If a specific milk has been prescribed at the maternity hospital, for example a hypoallergenic HA milk, however, never change without medical advice.