Migration, what an adventure!

Migration, what an adventure!

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And if you were pregnant ... The first day of your last period was three weeks ago and a small inner voice tells you that you are expecting a happy event. Let's hope it's true and find out what's going on inside you.

How do you know that you are pregnant?

  • Your little inner voice? Your sixth sense? You are one of the women who feels their pregnancy very early, even before the delay of their period. Like most expectant mothers, you know that something important is happening in your body, an imperceptible change for others, not for you! Because even the biological indices characteristic of a pregnancy (nausea, swelling of the breasts ...) are not yet present. The first day of your last period was three weeks ago, three weeks of amenorrhea (SA). In any case, this is how your gynecologist will talk to you.

What an adventure !

  • After conception, the actual implantation of the egg does not actually take place until the second week. It is the nesting. In the meantime, it's a real epic happening inside your body. Imagine ...
  • A few hours after fertilization, the egg divides into two identical cells, the blastomeres. They will share themselves until forming four other cells at the 50th hour, eight at the 60th hour and sixteen later. At this moment, the egg has the appearance of a rounded mass resembling a blackberry, hence its name morula (blackberry in Latin). This phase is called segmentation.
  • The egg then joins the uterine cavity for three to four days thanks to the contractions and the movements of the vibratory cilia of the tubes which help it to travel these few centimeters: it is the migration.

And an embryo!

  • The cells continue to divide in the morula whose volume only increases from the 6th division. The larger cells of the morula remain in the center and form the embryonic bud, while the small peripheral cells will form the future placenta. The embryonic bud will soon form the embryo and even later a baby, yours! At the end of this first week, the embryo attaches to the lining of the uterus. To be continued !

Safia Amor

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