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Twins: happiness times two

Twins: happiness times two

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Twins, double stress, but also double happiness! To help you adjust to your daily life in the first few months, here's an overview of the questions you probably ask and advice from parents of twins ...

Most parents of twins feel overwhelmed and exhausted for the first few months. But it is comforting to know that the more children grow up, the easier it becomes to get daily. Parents learn to appreciate not being the only educators: twins are immersed in the game and babble between them. They experience what most people would like to be: always close to someone you are familiar with. To make the daily life of the first few months easier, we have listed below some of the issues and concerns that twins 'parents are concerned about and asked twins' parents for advice to help you:

Breastfeeding twins, how is it?

  • As with breastfeeding a single baby, there can sometimes be problems in the beginning. The important thing is that you think of drinking a lot of water and resting as soon as possible.
  • You can breastfeed your twins at the same time or one by one. If both are hungry at the same time, you will naturally gain time. But if your babies have different rhythms, you will have to adjust to them.
  • Do not worry if the amount of milk is enough for both babies. In sucking, they exert greater stimulation on the nipples and cause greater milk production. The more a child is put in the breast, the more a mother produces milk.
  • Many mothers of twins feel overwhelmed after birth and lack confidence. That's why you should look for a midwife who can help you at home after birth. When twins are born, the Social Security supports, most of the time, the midwife who comes a few days at home, on medical prescription. It can also help you to be part of a breastfeeding group where you can share your problems and uncertainties with other moms.

How to satisfy two babies?

  • Having twins means twice as much work. Every child has to be changed about ten times a day. And feed him and calm him at least as often. Do not try to treat your babies the same way. It does not work. One will always shout while you feed or change the other. But babies quickly learn to wait their turn. The positive side effect is that, at two, they learn earlier to be independent.
  • It may be helpful to open a notebook for each of the twins, in which you will note the progress of their development and the diseases. You should know that babies born in multiple pregnancies are rarely born with the same height and weight. And they develop differently. We can get lost quickly!
  • Take care of one of the babies quietly while the other will be cared for by your spouse, a grandma, a friend ... Go, for example, walk with him. He will take advantage of this moment of complicity with you, then seek his twin again.

Twins: how to handle double stress?

  • It is very important when you have twins to accept help. The best thing is to think about the person who can help you during pregnancy. For twin pregnancies, the Social Security finances a family carer. Take advantage of the opportunity to bring a midwife home.
  • Sometimes leave the twins at a grandmother's house or at a friend's house. And put Dad to contribution! Also try to take a little time to blow. Even if you do not leave the house, the dad or the person of your choice will take the reins while you regain your strength.
  • Do not hesitate to ask family or friends to support you. Think about how they can help you with small services. Rather than let them offer an eighth mobile to the twins, have a good meal prepared for you!
  • Even if, from time to time, the mothers of twins do not know where they are, it quickly appears at home a certain relaxation. They learn to organize and optimize their time. It is important for this to be free from perfectionism. For example, reduce ironing to a minimum. And do you make a point: always satisfying two little children is impossible!

5 practical tips from parents of twins:

  • Remember to check the security of your home. Soon, your toddlers will begin to discover their surroundings and it is more difficult to have an eye on two children than on one. This is why we must think in time to guard against the dangers of electrical outlets, banisters and other hobs.
  • Lack of sleep is one of the biggest problems for parents of twins: two children must learn to adopt the rhythm of day and night. Many parents of twins find that their children sleep more restless sleep if they are separated. However, it is better to separate them if a troublemaker prevents the other from sleeping. But it is also important not to rush to them at the slightest sound because, in doing so, you will really wake up both.
  • Another important tip from parents of twins: take measurements of the door of your home or apartment before buying a double stroller. You will be really exasperated if she does not pass the front door!
  • It will take you to this idea: the relationship with your spouse will also change. That's why, just as with a single child, it's important to take some time together. Daddy must be involved in housework and taking care of the children, otherwise you will feel completely exhausted and overwhelmed at some point.
  • Like other young parents, twins' parents feel that friends and acquaintances are moving away from home ... when they need help and support. Do not hesitate to contact other parents of twins. The fact that they like to feel supportive and help each other is demonstrated by the large number of visits to specialized sites. There is a real exchange on everyday life with twins!

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