Names Assya - Characteristics

Names Assya - Characteristics

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Origin of first name:

Arabs, Courts, Scandinavians, Slavs

Meaning of the name:

Assya is a feminine given name of Arab origin.

Among Russians, it is also the diminutive of the first name Anastasia or Anastasya.

Assya comes from Arabic Asiya designating "the woman who cares or the one who relieves". In the Islamic tradition, Assya was the wife of the pharaoh who found Moses in a wicker basket and saved him from the waters of the Nile by becoming his adoptive mother.

According to his Russian ancestry, Assya also comes from the name Anastasia meaning "resurrection".


Assya Turgenev, Russian visual artist passionate about drawing, sculpture and pyrography.

Assya Noris, Italian actress of Russian origin.

Assya Granatouroff, Ukrainian model, muse of Parisian artists between the two wars.

Assya Djebar, whose real name is Fatima Zohra Imalayène, French poet and writer of Algerian origin.

Assya El Hannouni, disabled athlete.

His character :

Assya is tenacious and courageous. Showing a great sense of duty from an early age, she will be devoted to her family and will do anything to please her loved ones with happiness. In the affective sphere, Assya is faithful and outside, she is communicative. Sociability is one of his greatest qualities.

Curious and intelligent, Assya will not fail to succeed at school. She will be appreciated for her integrity and leadership skills, which will make her an excellent class leader. His inexhaustible curiosity and his great learning ability will encourage him to carry out long studies to specialize in one or more fields. She tends to view life as a lifelong learning and a great adventure.


Assia, Asya, Assiya, Asia, Asiya, Azia, Asiye, Acia and Hassia are the most famous variants of Assya.

His party :

Assya is celebrating the 15th of April.

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