Name Beverley - Meaning and origin

Name Beverley - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Beverley takes its name from a place in Yorkshire in England. Note that concerning the names of their children, the Anglo-Saxons easily call names of places, surnames or characters from novels or movies. This is the case, for example, for Beverly.


Beverley Craven, British singer, Beverley Callard, English actress, Beverley Cross, British screenwriter and Beverley Mitchell, actress and American country singer.

His character :

Beverley is charming and smart, so it's hard to resist. His adventurous spirit will lead him to learn quickly. She does not know laziness, she's so mad. She often goes head-to-head, she can end up in embarrassing situations, but she gets out of it quickly. Judge, she certainly has!

An extrovert, Beverley struggles to suppress her emotions. She prefers to express and share them. This sincerity and spontaneity earned him a strong appreciation from his peers. In addition, the need for contact with the world is sharpened at Beverley. Full and demonstrative, Beverley is exclusive with those she loves. The reason is simple, her confidence in her depends partly on the affection of her relatives. Dynamic, Beverley is constantly moving, sometimes difficult to follow! His fertile imagination needs to express himself through an artistic activity. In spite of this overflowing imagination, Beverley relies more on her reason than on her intuition.


Beverly is the most famous variant of Beverley.

His party :

To date, there is still no known holiday attributed to Beverley.

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