First name - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

French, Latin

Meaning of the name:

The feminine given name Claudette is related to the Latin adjective claudus meaning lame.


Claudette Colbert, born Émilie Claudette Chauchoin (American actress of French origin), Claudette Werleigh (Haitian politician) and Claudette Dion (Quebec singer and the big sister of singer Celine Dion).

There are several Saint-Claude:

Claude de Sirmium is a Roman sculptor who lived in the year 300. Converted to Christianity, he was, along with three of his companions, martyred for refusing to execute Aesculapius (an idol statue). They became the Four Holy Saints crowned with Sirnium, the patron saints of the masons and stonecutters.

Claude La Colombière, a Jesuit who lived during the seventeenth century. He was known to have been the confessor of St. Margaret Mary. His beatification, which took place in 1929, was followed by his canonization in 1992, carried out by Pope John Paul II.

Claude Richard, a martyr priest who lived in the eighteenth century and was beatified by the Roman Catholic Church.

Claude Laplace, a French priest who became a martyr during the French Revolution.

His character :

Claudette is an emotional and dreamy person who likes to lock herself in her secret universe. He is also an optimistic, positive and open-minded person. Independent and confident, Claudette often relies on herself to achieve her goals. Curious, Claudette is an adventurer who likes to experiment with new things.


Claude, Claudia, Claudine, Claudie

His party :

The Claudettes are celebrated on February 15th.

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