Name Damienne - Meaning of origin

Name Damienne - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

Damienne comes from the Greek damia which means "fertility". Damia is also the nickname of Cybele, the goddess of fertility.


Among the famous personalities bearing this name are Damienne Guerin (founder of the company Pecquelin Guerin Damienne), Damienne Fillipini (photographer and professor of Fine Arts) and Damienne de Harlez (photographer who worked for more than 20 years to achieve reports and corporate portraits, thanks to his talent, a personalized photograph is enough to embody the image of professional institutions).

Daughter of the Emperor Maurice, St. Damian escaped to Jerusalem to flee the ill-treatment of her father's successor. She was abbess there and spent her life in holiness with one of her nieces.

His character :

Damienne is a woman with a natural charm that makes many men crack at first sight. She has a natural authority and never flinches in the face of adversity. Calm and calm, she takes all her time to analyze a situation before deciding. Faithful to her convictions, she shows rigor and strict morality.

As for the heart, if the young Damienne prefers to enjoy life, she only aspires to an exclusive relationship when she feels it's time to land. She is sometimes very jealous. However, romantic in nature, she dreams of starting a family and taking care of her home. Aspiring to live a peaceful life filled with love, she is very protective of her family, especially her family members.


Damien, Damiene, Damyen and Damiens.

His party :

Damienne is honored on September 26th.

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