Name Guillem - Meaning of the Name

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

William's archaic form, the name Guillem comes from the Germanic terms "will" and "helm" meaning respectively "will" and "helmet" or "helmet".


Guillem Balagué is a Spanish football journalist. He also writes for some newspapers in Britain and is the director of football at Biggleswade United.
Guillem March is a cartoonist of comics and Spanish comics.
Guillem Morales is a Spanish screenwriter and director.
Guillem Rodriguez is a model and model of Spanish origin.
Guillem Marti Misut is a professional Spanish footballer.
Son of the Count of Nevers, Saint Guillaume or Guillaume de Bourges was noted for his piety and Christian faith. He renounced fortune and career, and began as canon of Soissons before devoting himself to monastic life. This man of pious character and devoted to the study became the patron saint of gunsmiths and the University of Paris.

His character :

At first glance, Guillem seems to be reserved and distant. Behind this facade hides a very sociable and pleasant man. Endowed with an important self-control, he manages easily to hide his strong emotivity. He remains master of himself despite his strong sensitivity. This man always knows how to persevere in all circumstances. Dynamic and organized, he puts determination in all his projects. Guillem is constantly optimistic and shows great recklessness. Sentimental and passionate, he is very demonstrative in the intimate life. Moreover, this man can be possessive and extremely jealous.


Guilhem, Guyllem, Wilhelm, William, Guillermo, Gwilherm and Guillaume.

His party :

The Guillem are in the spotlight on January 10th.

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