Name Haï - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Chinese language, the name Hai means "sea".


There are no celebrities wearing the name Haï.

His character :

Haï is a boy full of energy. Courageous and combative, his ambition is to direct and command. Pretty likely, he can be aggressive, especially when he is facing a situation he does not understand or he does not control. His shady side is often exacerbated by being impatient and impulsive. Because of his character, Haï is often subject to more or less violent tantrums. His need to be able to push him to make every effort to succeed socially and to have a position of responsibility. If he likes to give orders, he can not bear to receive them. Caught at fault, he reacts by being stubborn and obstinate while refusing to recognize his wrongs. Active and enterprising, Haï knows how to recognize the best opportunities, not hesitating to seize them. Possessing a concrete and practical sense, he shows a keen intelligence. Strict and authoritarian, he does not like people using false pretenses or liars. Because of his wholeness and frankness, he is incapable of duplicity or lies. Everything he thinks or feels can be read on his face. Although he looks hard and distant, Haï is actually a loving and demonstrative boy. With his heart on his hand, he likes to help others, even if he does not show it at all.


Hao, Ha, A and Ah.

His party :

There is no party for people with the name Hai.

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